how we work

Empower and Uplift Africa and Africans


Our first steps start with you. Your donations help us affect change! We do this because we believe our beneficiaries know their challenges more than we do. Instead of imposing a solution, we listen to their challenges and proposed solutions.


We partner with the community and other organizations to implement the solution. Local ownership is critical in this phase. We rely on the communities to lead the process, while we support.


We then work with our beneficiaries and their communities to develop sustainable solutions. In some cases, the solutions we develop may be temporary to resolve an urgent issue but our focus is to develop long term sustainable solutions.


Once the solution is implemented, we work with our partners to monitor and measure our results. Measuring our impact and using evidence-based methods to improve what we do is critical

Our Strategy

Focusing on what matters

We understand that focusing on what matters is often not the easiest work. However, focusing on these three areas- Education, Health and Agriculture - clearly aligns with and advances the overall socio-economic goals for Africa.

Delivering excellent work

We believe in setting the bar high for ourselves and doing the best we can to deliver the best for the communities we work in.

Valuing time as money

Time is critical for us, especially because we believe the sooner we help tackle the problems, the slower they build up. It also gives us a sense of pride in being able to accomplish a lot within a short period.

Learning as much as we can

Learning as much as we can from what is being done by similar organizations in different countries and by engaging with the communities to understand their situations helps us to improve the work we do and also helps us to grow our impact capacity.

Contribute to a cause

Our first steps start with you. Your donations help us affect change!

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